Frequently Asked Questions


Drape, tux, cap, gown and tassels are provided for your session

These Q&A pertain to Senior Portraits.

Yearbook Deadlines

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what is a session?

A session is time spent with the photographer. We offer different session types that determine the number of outfits, the amount of time and cost of your session.


Bonus Previews allow you to view all of the poses photographed in your session. Note: The number of additional poses varies depending on the session choice.

Will my Portraits be retouched?

Yes! Our standard retouching is included for any poses that are ordered or selected for the yearbook. Standard retouching includes color correcting and facial blemishes.

What is special retouching?

For an additional charge per pose, special retouching  can be used for: unruly hair (including unruly curls/flyways and reflection on hair), shine on face, body acne, mole removal, tattoo removal, adjusting clothing,  braces, eyeglass glare, tan lines, and other concerns not covered by standard retouching.  

Special retouching is not available for sunburn or facial hair. Other limitations do apply.  Please call us for a quote or to discuss specific concerns.

What should I wear to my senior portrait session?

-Please wear/bring a camisole or tank top to be worn under your drape
-Avoid tan lines
-We recommend not trying new make-up or hairstyle for your session
-Manicured nails look best.

-Please bring /wear a white t-shirt. Collared shirts are discouraged.
-We recommend not wearing a hat the day of your session
-Shaving prior to your session is advised. A 5 o’clock shadow can not be removed

Personal Outfit:
We encourage you to bring your favorite outfit, athletic uniform or Letterman jacket, personal props such as musical instruments, sports balls, ice skates, etc. Be sure to avoid clothing that is too tight or extremely loose fitting, or any clothing with emblems or loud patterns.

I only want a portrait taken for the yearbook. Do I have to pay a session fee?

We do offer a Yearbook Only (YBO) option. One image is taken, we send it straight to the school; you will not receive proofs to choose from yourself. There is no sitting fee associated with this option, retouching is not included but can be added with a fee.
To book a YBO, call us at (925)485-6025.


After my session


How do I view my images?

About 1-2 weeks after your appointment you will receive an email providing you with a link and log-in information to access your account. This is where you can view and order the portraits. It is also where you are to select a yearbook pose. This is only done to the pose(s) you select for your yearbook and/or order. You may also come in to the studio if you need assistance with the ordering. Please call us to set up an appointment.

Can I get printed previews instead of viewing them online?

We have gone green, which means all ordering is done online and we no longer print the previews on paper. However, some of our portrait packages do include Printed Previews, which are printed on photo quality paper without the watermark. Previews are not retouched.

Are my previews retouched?

No! Previews are not retouched, color corrected or cropped. Our standard retouching is included for any poses that are ordered or selected for the yearbook.
We recommend choosing the best pose based on expression and not on lightness, darkness or color correction.

Can I select a yearbook image without placing an order yet?

Yes! We encourage you to select a yearbook image as soon as you receive the email. To watch a video on selecting a yearbook pose, click here. After dragging your image into the designated box, you can simply log out. We will receive your selection. You have until June 1st of your graduating year to place an order.

What happens if I don’t select a yearbook pose before the deadline?

If a yearbook selection is not chosen by the deadline one of our experienced staff members will choose one for you, that way you will still make it into the yearbook.

 Did I order portraits with my session payment?

Portraits are not included in your session fee.  You may purchase portraits upon receiving the previews and ordering information online.


Frequently Asked Questions-Ordering Portraits


How can I place my senior portrait order?

Ordering is done online through the link that is sent to your email after your senior portrait appointment. For help navigating the website, please click here. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment to come by our Pleasanton Studio to place an order with assistance from an associate, please give us a call to schedule.

What is the Senior Portrait pricing?

Please click here for our senior portrait price list.

Can I order portraits from a previous year?

We do archive portraits from prior years. Please reach out to us with the graduating year and your student’s first and last name. We will then check our database to make sure we have those images. If we are able to locate them, there is an archive retrieval fee of $30 to bring them to the current database. This can be taken over the phone, around a week after payment is taken, you will receive an email with information on how to order online.

Do I need an appointment to place my order in the studio?

Scheduling an appointment is encouraged so we can have an associate available to assist you. Please call us at
925-485-6025 to schedule an appointment.

What is a pose?

A pose is a single image that you select to be printed.  Only one pose can be printed per sheet (i.e. 2-5x7’s cannot be split into two poses, as it comes printed on one sheet).

Can I add poses to my package to split it up?

Each package includes a set amount of poses. If you choose to add an additional pose to a package, an additional pose charge of $18 will be applied for every additional pose.  This will allow you to divide the sheets within your package between more poses; it does NOT give you extra sheets within the package.

What is a pose number?

A pose number is used to identify a photo on the previews.

How do I locate a pose number?

After logging in to the ordering website, you must select “Create New Order” (or chose a previous order) to see the pose numbers. The pose number is found above the image and should look similar to “ID: SA001”.

What is the Deluxe Finish?

Our deluxe finish provides a high quality, brilliant color and professional fine linen texture to your portraits, similar to the texture of linen material. This is a more formal finish for these important portraits.

Can I substitute a page for a different size in a package?

Yes, we can substitute a sheet for you. The fee is $18 plus tax. The substitution fee is for EACH sheet that is substituted within a package.

When will I receive my order?

Processing time is dependent upon the season. Contact our studio accurate completion time. If you are having your order shipped, please allow 2-3 days for delivery of the order. You will get an email when your order is either ready for pick up or once your order has been shipped.

Shipping & Handling Fees

Our $15 shipping & handling fee covers packaging product, postage, time, and resources for safe and reliable handling and shipping of portraits. Some specialty items cannot be shipped due to their fragile nature. Can I rush my order?

Rush fees can be added for an additional cost. By paying the fee, we are able to guarantee the order within the specified time. A one week rush is $95. This can be added online towards the end of the ordering process. If you need an order sooner than one week, please call us for pricing. If there is shipping on the order, add 2-3 days for shipping from our Pleasanton studio to your home.

Will my portraits be retouched?

Yes! Our standard retouching is included for any poses that are ordered or selected for the yearbook, which corrects facial blemishes and color corrects the portraits.

What is a sheet?

Portraits are printed in sheets. Only one pose is printed per sheet. One sheet equals: 1-8x10 or 2-5x7 or 4-4x5 or 8 wallets.

 What size is a wallet photo?

Our standard wallet sized photo is 2x3.

What is a mounted portrait?

A mounted portrait is a sheet that is 11x14, 16x20, and 20x24. Due to the fragile nature of the photo paper at larger sizes, the portraits are mounted on a 2mm mount board for stability. Mounted images are still able to be framed.

 Can I purchase portraits “A La Carte,” not a package?

Certainly! Please see A La Carte Portrait prices on our order brochure here. When ordering online, the A La Carte options are on the page after all the packages.




What are signature wallets?

Signature wallets are wallet sized photographs that have your first name and graduation year printed on the photo. There is an $18, per pose, charge for signature wallets. Adding signature wallets to your order does not give you any more wallets with your order; it simply allows the name and school year to be printed.

What are gift folders?

Gift folders are especially nice if you are giving portraits as gifts to family & friends. Gift folders are attractive mount frames with built in easels for immediate display. Our gift folders are black. Gift folders are included in certain packages, but can be added on to an a la carte order for $3 each!